2018 Joint Conference
NAAIC, Trifolium, & Grass Breeders
June 4-6, 2018 · Logan, Utah


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Monday, June 4
  6:00  Dinner & Poster Session click to view poster abstracts
     Forage Genetic Resources of the USDA National Plant Germplasm System
& Roundtable Discussion
|| Presentation
Peter Bretting, USDA-ARS, ONP
Tuesday, June 5
Welcome Session (Moderator: Mark Smith)
  8:00   Greetings from Utah State
Dean Ken White, Utah State University
  8:10   USDA-ARS Logan, UT Update
Joseph Robins, USDA-ARS Forage and Range Research Laboratory
Session I: Forage Pathology & Entomology (Moderators: Scott Newell & Alpa Puri)
  8:30   Genetic Mapping of Resistance to Aphanomyces Root Rot in Alfalfa || Presentation
Deborah Samac, USDA-ARS
  8:50   A Transgenic Approach to Alfalfa Crown Rot Control || Presentation
Andrew Sathoff, University of Minnesota
  9:10   Developing Molecular Markers for Verticillium Wilt Resistance in Autotetraploid Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) || Presentation
Long-Xi Yu, USDA-ARS
  9:30   Linking Pollinator Behavior to Gene Flow to Improve Coexistence || Presentation
Johanne Brunet, USDA-ARS
  9:50   Break and Posters
Session II: Research Supported by NAFA Efforts (Moderators: Laxman Adhikari & Olivia Steinmetz)
  10:15   NAFA - Working to Enhance the Forage Industry
Beth Nelson, National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance
  10:25   AFRP Lightning Presentations (Moderators: Ann Marie Thro, Felix Gutierrez & Kyle Harrington) || Presentations
           Developing Regionally-Adapted, Resilient Alfalfa Germplasm Pools || Video
      Charles Brummer, University of California-Davis
           A Decision Support Tool for Predicting Alfalfa Yield and Quality to Enhance Resource
      Use Efficiency
|| Video
      Michael Ottman, University of Arizona
           Development of Grazing Recommendations and On-Farm Decision Tools for Managing
      Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures in the Southeastern U.S.
|| Video
      Jennifer Tucker, University of Georgia
           Bacterial Stem Blight of Alfalfa: Connection with Frost Damage, Development of Resistant
      Germplasm, and Mapping Resistance Genes
|| Video
      Deborah Samac, USDA-ARS
           Developing an Attractant for Lygus Hesperus Derived from Host Plant
      Volatile Compounds
      Zainulabeuddin Syed, University of Kentucky
           Determining Genetic Factors that Influence Forage Quality in Alfalfa || Video
      Steven Norberg, Washington State University
           Identifying Factors to Optimize Establishment of Alfalfa Interseeded in Corn || Video
      John Grabber, USDA-ARS
           Overhauling Alfalfa Weevil Management in Irrigated Southwest Desert Alfalfa || Video
      Ayman Mostafa, University of Arizona
           LIDAR and Photogrammetry to Map Alfalfa Yield and Quality Using Unmanned
      Aircraft Systems
|| Video
      Joseph Dvorak, University of Kentucky
           Managing Selfing Rates in Alfalfa Seed Production Fields || Video
      Johanne Brunet, USDA-ARS
  11:05 Predictive Accuracy of Alfalfa Fall Dormancy Assessed in Field Density Sward Plots || Presentation
Scott Newell, University of California-Davis
  11:20 Subsurface Drip Irrigation, Deficit Irrigation Strategies, and Improved Varieties to Improve Alfalfa Water Use Efficiency || Presentation
Dan Putnam, University of California-Davis
  11:35 Impact of Potassium Fertilization, Harvest Frequency, and Grazing Management in Alfalfa Persistence Across the Southeastern U.S.
  Impact of Microbial Inoculants on the Quality and Fermentation Stability of Alfalfa Round-Bale Baleage || Presentation
Rocky Lemus, Mississippi State University
  11:50   Awards Luncheon
Session III: Forage Breeding & Genomics (Moderators: Jeremie Favre & Scott Newell)
  1:10   Field Validation of the Improvement of Alfalfa Stem Cell Wall Digestibility || Presentation
Annick Bertrand, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  1:30   Understanding Adaptive Responses to Drought Stress in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) || Presentation
MD Rokebul Anower, Noble Research Institute
  1:50   The Alfalfa Breeder's Toolbox (ABT) Integrates Genetic, Genomic, and Germplasm Resources for Alfalfa Improvement || Presentation
Maria Monteros, Noble Research Institute
  2:10   Accuracy of Eight Genomic Selection Models in the Prediction of Salt Tolerance in Alfalfa || Presentation
Charles Hawkins, USDA-ARS
  2:30   Dissecting Alfalfa Dormancy Using Selection Mapping || Presentation
Charles Brummer, University of California-Davis
  2:50   Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Red Clover Breeding || Presentation
Heathcliffe Riday, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center
  3:10   Impact of Reduced Lignin or Ferulate Crosslinking on Fitness of Temperate Grasses || Presentation
Michael Casler, USDA-ARS
  3:30   Poster Session
  4:30   Business Meeting
Wednesday, June 6
Session IV: AFRP Lightning Presentations, continued (Moderators: Ann Marie Thro, Kiran Baral & Samantha Rude) || Presentations
  8:00   Increasing Preventative and Curative Options for Clover Root Curculio Management in Western Alfalfa || Video
Ricardo Ramirez, Utah State University
     The Silent Decline in Soil Potassium Levels and Its Effect on Alfalfa Productivity in the Central and Western U.S. || Video
Anowar Islam, University of Wyoming
     Re-Establishing IPM Recommenddations for Aphids in Alfalfa Hay in the Low Desert || Video
Ayman Mostafa, University of Arizona
     Developing Molecular Markers for Enhancing Resistance to Drought and High Salinity in Alfalfa || Video
Long-Xi Yu, USDA-ARS
     Developing an Alfalfa Hay Export Market in the Humid Eastern United States || Video
Chris Teutsch, University of Kentucky
     Nutritive Value and Forage Accumluation of Alfalfa and Alfalfa-Mixtures as Influenced by Forage Management || Video
Renata Nave Oakes, University of Tennessee
Session V: Forage Agronomy & Management (Moderator: Marcia Pereira da Silva & Andrew Sathoff)
  8:25  Keys to Alfalfa Establishment Under Densely Planted Silage Corn || Presentation
John Grabber, USDA-ARS
  8:40  Resilience, Stability, and Productivity of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in North America || Presentation
Valentin Picasso, University of Wisconsin
  8:55  Incorporating Alfalfa into Bermudagrass for Baleage Production: Improving Forage Quality and Yield in the Southeast || Presentation
Jennifer Tucker, University of Georgia
  9:10  Forage Yield and Nutritive Value of Perennial Grain Kernza Grown in Monoculture and Intercropped with Red Clover || Presentation
Jeremie Favre, University of Wisconsin
  9:25  Developing Dual-Purpose Perennial Forage and Grain Legumes || Presentation
Brandon Schlautman, The Land Institute
  9:40   Break and Posters
  10:10  Red Clover Varieties with Nitrogen Fixing Advantage During the Early Stages of Seedling Development || Presentation
Yousef Papadopoulus, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  10:30  Characterization of Crested Wheatgrass Populations for Plant Maturity & Associated Physiological & Morphological Traits || Presentation
Samuel Tandoh, University of Saskatchewan
  10:50  Genetic Parameters for Agronomic and Morphological Traits in Annual Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lamarck) || Presentation
Esteban Rios, University of Florida
  11:10  Fall and Winter Forage: Case Study - Sieben Land and Livestock || Presentation
Kevin Jensen, USDA-ARS
  12:00   Box Lunch, Bus Tour & Dinner (event free with registration; registration required)
Dutch Oven Dinner sponsored by Barenbrug USA
Bus will return to SpringHill Suites at approximately 8:00 p.m.