The North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference is a community of public- and private-sector scientists and educators that promotes the exchange of information among researchers involved in alfalfa improvement and utilization in North America and around the world.


To be the leading research voice for alfalfa improvement and production.


To promote the development of improved alfalfa cultivars and management practices through education, communication, and professional development of research scientists, educators, and commercial representatives in North America and around the world.


  1. To provide a forum to exchange information among researchers involved in alfalfa production and improvement in North America and around the world.
  2. To serve as a voice for alfalfa scientists in matters pertaining to local, regional, national, and international interests and organizations.
  3. To encourage the collection, preservation, evaluation, and enhancement of Medicago species for use in alfalfa improvement.
  4. To encourage collaborative research in alfalfa agronomy, breeding, genetics, pathology, microbiology, entomology, physiology, and biotechnology and the exchange of the resulting information.
  5. To encourage production of quality seed of improved cultivars and the maintenance of their genetic integrity.
  6. To encourage the efficient production and utilization of alfalfa as a forage feed, a feedstock for bioenergy production, a source of biologically fixed nitrogen, and for soil conservation.
  7. To promote the public benefits of alfalfa cultivation, including better soil health, enhanced environmental quality and improved agricultural sustainability.

Note:  The NAAIC is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or the corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).