2016 Joint Conference
NAAIC, Trifolium, & Grass Breeders
July 12-14, 2016 · Madison, WI

Poster Session
- Subject to change -

Poster size - 48" by 48" (122cm tall by 122cm wide)
Poster Abstracts

P1. Yield and Quality of Kura Clover Compared to Forage Legumes Traditionally Grown in Central Europe Andrzejewska, Patuszka, Albrecht, Contrera-Govea

P2. Selection of Drought Tolerance in Alfalfa Using Real-Time Drought Monitoring Techniques Anower, Motes, Monteros

P3. Aphanomyces and Phytophthora Root Rots; Development of Molecular Markers Associated with Tolerance in Alfalfa Audy, Claessens, Castonguay

P4. Alfalfa and Silage Corn Interseeding in North Dakota Berti, Lukaschewski || Poster

P5. Response of an Alfalfa-Timothy Mixture Grown in Open-Top Chambers Betrand, Messerli, Jego, Tremblay, Belanger, Seguin || Poster

P7. Rapid Phenotyping of Alfalfa Root System Architecture Bucciarelli, Cao, Samac

P8. Pollen Deposition Curve for Bumble Bees with Alfalfa Castro, Santa-Martinez, Brunet || Poster

P9. Forage Nutritive Value, Yield, and Preference of Legumes Under Horse Grazing in the Establishment Year Catalano, Sheaffer, Wells, Grev, DeBoer, Martinson

P10. Proteomic Analysis of Alfalfa Seeds in Response to Boron Deficiency and Toxicity Reveals Effects on Seed Yield and Quality Chen, Mao || Poster

P11. Optimizing Forage Quality of Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures Cherney, Cherney || Poster

P58. Forage Quality Improvement in Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa Monoculture and Alfalfa-Grass Binary Mixtures Cherney, Cherney || Poster

P12. Breeding for Stem Wall Digestibility in Alfalfa Claessens, Thivierge, Bertrand || Poster

P13. Using a New In Vitro Method and Fiber Model (TTNDFD) to Improve Estimates of Digestibility of Alfalfa for Dairy Cattle Combs, Undersander

P15. Characterization of Alfalfa Populations Contrasting for Root System Architecture (RSA) Hernandez, Samac, Topp, Monteros

P16. The Pastoral Genomics Plus (PG+) Program, Expanding Forage Breeding in New Zealand Hoyos-Villegas, Barrett, Cao, Conner, Crush, Faville, Griffiths, Jacobs, Jahufer, Nichols || Poster

P17. Temperate Forage Legume Germplasm of the USDA National Plant Germplasm System Irish, Hu || Poster

P18. Restructuring Alfalfa Through Introgression of Medicago arborea Traits Irwin, Woodfield, Sewell, Bingham || Poster

P19. Expression of CBF-Like Genes in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Kanchupati, Anower, Boe, Wu || Poster

P20. Pollen and Seed Mediated Gene Flow in Commercial Alfalfa Seed Production Fields Kesoju, Greene, Martin, Kramer || Poster

P21. Do Glyphosate Resistant Feral Plants and Hay Fields Spread the Transgene to Conventional Alfalfa Seed Fields? Kesoju, Greene, Martin, Kramer || Poster

P22. Bacterial and Fungal Microbiome Analysis of Alfalfa Rhizosphere Soils Klatt, Dornbusch, Song, Russelle, Samac || Poster

P23. Snow Depth Effects on Cold-Resistance and Winter Surviving Ma, Yue, Wang, Miao, Lu || Poster

P24. Genetic Variation in Cold Tolerance and Dormancy in a Bi-Parental Segregating Population Derived from a Wide Dormancy Cross Missaoui, Adhikari

P25. Alfalfa Breeder's Toolbox (ABT): An Integrated Web Portal for Molecular Breeding Monteros, He, Choi, Zhao, Mehta, Trammell, Dai, Chang, Krom, Motes

P26. Re-Establishing IPM Recommendations for Aphids in Alfalfa Hay in the Low Desert Mostafa || Poster

P27. A Fresh Look at the Genomic Basis of Autumn Dormancy in Cultivated Alfalfa Munjal, Hao, Brummer

P28. Shifts in Allele Frequencies in Alfalfa Breeding Populations During Cycles of Phenotypic Selection for Whitefly Resistance Nedley, Monteros, Han, Thomas, Acharya, Wei, Jiu, Wang, Holzer, Brummer, Teuber, Walling

P29. The Effect of Hay Rake Type on Ash Content of First Cutting Alfalfa Hay Neu, Hall, Undersander, Sheaffer, Wells, Kniffen, Catalano, Martinson

P30. Assessing Genetic Changes in the Alfalfa Cultivar CUF 101 Across 40 Years Newell, Hao, Brummer

P31. Forage Nutritive Value of a Reduced Lignin Alfalfa Cultivar Compared with Conventional Alfalfa Cultivars Parker, Sulc, Albrecht, Cassida, Hall, Herrmann, Min, Orloff, Undersander

P32. Forage Nutritive Value of Cool Season Grasses in Binary Mixtures with Alfalfa, Birdsfoot Trefoil, and Cicer Milkvetch Peel, Creech, Waldron

P33. Resilience, Stability, and Productivity of Alfalfa Cultivars in Wisconsin Picasso, Undersander

P35. Modification of Rate and Extent of Fiber Digestibility in Alfalfa Reich, Darling, Engh, Enjalbert, Wagner, Buell

P37. Diversity of Field Isolates of Sinorhizobium meliloti Nodulating Alfalfa Samac, Cao, Lenz, Ferguson, Nelson, Miller, Dornbusch, Castle || Poster

P38. Pythium and Fusarium Species Causing Seed Rot and Damping-Off of Alfalfa Samac, Berg, Miller, Dornbusch, Radmer || Poster

P39. Linking Pollinator Behavior to Selfing Rate for Three Distinct Pollinators of Alfalfa Santa-Martinez, Brunet || Poster

P40. Optimizing Boron Maintenance Fertilization for Alfalfa Sapkota, Torrion, Stougaard, Staudenmeyer, Glunk || Poster

P41. Transgenic Expression of Medicago truncatula PR10 and PR5 Promoters in Alfalfa Shows Pathogen-Induced Up-Regulation of Transgene Expression Sathoff, Samac || Poster

P42. Improving Precision of Forage Yield Trials: A Case Study Sripathi, Grogan, Conaghan, Casler

P45. Binary and Complex Legume-Grass Mixtures Affect the Forage Energy to Protein Ratio Tremblay, Belanger, Simili Da Silva, Lajeunesse, Papadopoulos, Fillmore, Jobim || Poster

P46. Species Composition Affect Yield and Nutritive Value of Binary Legume-Grass Mixtures Tremblay, Belanger, Dos Passos Bernardes, Papadopoulos, Fillmore, Lajeunesse, Duynisveld || Poster

P47. Replicated Clonal Selection for Improving Forage Yield of Alfalfa - Preliminary Report Viands, Hansen, Crawford, Brummer, Michaud, Claessens, Acharya, Papadopoulos, Lamb, Sheaffer || Poster

P48. Effect of Storage Time and Phosphorus Fertilizer on Seed Germination in Alfalfa Wang, Mao

P49. Supply and Demand Situation of Alfalfa in China and the Future Development Trend Wang, Yang, Wang || Poster

P50. Rhizobium Symbiosis Contribution to Short-Term Salt Stress Tolerance in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Wang, Zhang, Zhang, Cao, Hu, Yang || Poster

P51. Hairy Vetch: Developing a Winter-Annual Legume as a Cover Crop in the Northern U.S. Wiering, Ehlke, Sheaffer

P52. Exogenous Glutathione Pre-Treatment Enhances Seeds Tolerance to Aging Through Influencing Germination and Antioxidant Enzymes Activities in Elymus sibiricus L. Yan, Mao, Mao, Zhu, Cheng, Zhang

P53. Effects of Bag Type on the Undigested Neutral Detergent Fiber After 240 Hours In Situ Incubation Yan, Yang, Combs, Undersander

P54. High-Throughput Sequencing Identifies Novel and Conserved Salt-Stress-Regulated miRNAs from Roots of Medicago sativa and Medicago truncatula Yang, Long, Li, Zhang, Zhang, Gao, Zhang, Li, Kang, Sun

P55. Genomic Analysis of Verticillium Wilt Resistance and Drought Tolerance in Alfalfa Yu, Liu, Boge, Rivera || Poster

P56. Developing Molecular Markers for Enhancing Resistance to Drought and High Salinity in Alfalfa Yu, Peel, Viands, Hanson, Liu, Zhang, Liu, Rivera, Boge || Poster

P57. The Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilization on Seed Germination Capacity and Applicability of the Controlled Deterioration of Smooth Bromegrass Zhu, Yan, Wang, Mao