2012 Joint Conference
NAAIC, Trifolium, & Grass Breeders
July 10-12, 2012 · Ithaca, NY

Poster Session

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Poster Abstracts

P1. Use of SSR Markers for Cluster Analysis of Alfalfa Cultivars to Define Possible Heterotic Groups Alarcón, Arolfo, Odorizzi, Basigalup, Gieco

P2. Physiological Characterization of Salt-Tolerant Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L. and Medicago sativa spp. falcata) Anower, Rokebul, Mott, Peel, Wu

P3. Medicago arborea Traits of Interest in Alfalfa Breeding Armour, Irwin, Bingham

P4. Efficiency of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Alfalfa by Introduced and Native Rhizobia Arolfo, Odorizzo, Basigalup

P5. SRAP Polymorphisms Associated with Phytophthora Root Rot (PRR) Resistance Within Two Alfalfa Genetic Backgrounds Audy, Castonguay, Claessens, Desgagnés

P6. Development of Alfalfa Cultivars Adapted to Brazilian Tropical Conditions Basigalup, de Paula Ferreira, Ordorizzo

P7. Down-Regulation of the HCT Gene Decreases Lignin Content and increases Digestibility of Field-Grown Alfalfa Bhattarai, Rajasekar, Dixon, Monteros

P8. Morphotype Identification and Diversity Analysis in the Mediterranean Tall Fescue Black, Azhaguvel, Trammell, Chekhovskiy, Saha

P9. Co-Inheritance of Dehydrin Variants in Alfalfa Populations Recurrently Selected for Freezing Tolerance Dubé, CAstonguay, Cloutier, Michaud, Bertrand

P10. Optimizing Grass Biomass yield and Quality for Combustion Cherney, Ketterings, Davis, Cherney

P11. DEveloping ASsociation Mapping in Polyploid Perennial Grasses: I. Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) Costich, Lepak, Lu, Lipka, Paddock, Cherney, Casler, Buckler

P12. Characterization of Seed Germination for NAtive Switchgrass Accessions Collected from New York, Pennsylvania, and the Northeast Crawford, Mayton, Crawford, Hansen, Viands

P13. Breeding for Resistance to Alfalfa Snout Beetle Crawford, Hansen, Shields, Testa, Viands

P14. Repeatability and Genotypic Stability in Alfalfa Cultivar Evaluation De Paula Ferreira, Cruz, Basigalup, Odorizzi

P15. Breeding Red Clover for Yield and Persistence in Grazing Systems Ford, Jahufer, Barrett

P16. Variation in Sequences and Expression Levels of Lignin Associated genes in Alfalfa Stems Gou, Farmer, Han, Motes

P17. What Can We Learn from "Old" Alfalfa Variety Trials? Hall

P18. The Effect of Increased Concentration of Neutral Detergent Soluble Fiber in Alfalfa on Intake and Digestibility in Lambs Hansen, Cherney, Viands

P19. Development and Evaluation of Soft Leaf Tall Fescue Hybrids Jacobs, Trammell, Word, Bright, Brummer

P20. Strategies to Integrate Aluminum Tolerance in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Khu, Bouton, Brummer, Monteros

P21. Harvest Management Impacts on Potential Ethanol and Crude Protein Yield in Alfalfa Lamb, Jung, Riday

P22. An Integrated Genetic Linkage Map of Alfalfa (M. sativa L.) Li, Kang, Jiang, Wei, Brummer

P23. Progress on the Tetraploid Alfalfa Genome Sequence Monteros, Udvardi, Brummer, He, Wang, Krom, Khu, Bharti, Ramaraj, Cameron, Mudge, Farmer, May, van Haaren, Witseboer, van der Vossen, Venepally, Town, Tang, Julier, Debellé, Gouzy, Provart, Guttman, McCourt, Castonguay, Young

P24. Genotyping Strategies Targeting Crop Improvement in White Clover (Trifoilum repens L.) Motes, Khu, Han, Bouton, Monteros

P25. Weed Efficacy and Teff Response to Selected Herbicides Norberg, Felix

P26. Yield and Quality of Extremely Non-Dormant Alfalfa Populations with High Multifoliolate Leaf Expression Odorizzi, Basigalup, Arolfo

P27. Evaluation of Alfalfa Enation Virus (AEV) Damage in Argentina Odorizzi, Novaretti, Arolfo, Basigalup

P28. Morphological Changes in Alfalfa Selected to Survive High Salinity Peel, Mott, Waldron, Anower, Wu

P29. RNAseq-Based Analysis of Alfalfa Transcriptome in Response to Salt Stress Postnikova, Shao, Nemchinov

P30. Improvements in Alfalfa subsp. Falcata Germplasms and Their Hybrid Performance Riday, Wagner

P31. Molecular Marker Identified Selfed Progeny and Their Breeding Implications in Tetraploid Alfalfa Synthetics Riday, Johnson

P32. A Novel Red Clover Virus Associated with Root Colonization by Olpidium sp. Samac, Lockhart, Riday

P33. Fall Dormancy Evaluation and Optimization Sayson, Smith, McCaslin, Reisen, Teuber

P34. Evidence for Aphanomyces euteiches, Race 3 on Alfalfa Seitz, Rouse

P35. Molecular and Morphological Characterization of NEmatodes Associated with Alfalfa, Grasses, and Fungal Eudophytes Skanter, Carta, Handoo

P36. Breeding for Acidic Soil Tolerance in Lucerne Venkatanagappa

P37. Application of Genotyping-By-Sequencing (gbs0 in Alfalfa Wei, Acharya, Li, Brummer