38th NAAIC Business Meeting


Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Sacramento, CA




I.          Call to Order (Joe Bouton)


II.          Minutes of 2002 Business Meeting


III.         Approval of Agenda


IV.        President's Report (Joe Bouton)


V.        Treasurer's Report (John Caddel)


VI.        Executive Secretary's Report (Gary Bauchan)


VII.       Regional Reports

            A. Eastern Forage Improvement Conference                               (Marvin Hall)

            B. Central Alfalfa Improvement Conference                                 (Mike Peterson)

            C. Western Alfalfa Improvement Conference                               (Mark Smith)


VIII.      Committee Reports

A. Alfalfa Crop Germplasm Committee                                                     (Larry Teuber)

B. Awards Committee (Craig Sheaffer)

C. Biotechnology Committee                                                                     (Deborah Samac)

D. Bylaws Committee                                                                                 (Lanny Rhodes); Current Bylaws

E. Committee on Available Breeding Lines                                              (Charles Brummer)

F  Standard Tests Committee                                                                    (Austin Campbell)

G. Executive Committee (Craig Sheaffer)                                               

H. Finance Committee                                                                                (Dave Miller)  

I. Industry Liaison Committee                                                                     (Mike Velde)  

J. Locations Committee                                                                              (Dan Undersander)   

K. National Alfalfa Variety Review Board                                                  (Ian Ray)         

L. Nominations Committee                                                                         (Mike Peterson)        

M. Regulatory Affairs Committee                                                               (Mark McCaslin)

N. Resolutions Committee                                                                          (Joann Lamb)


IX.        New Business


X.        Transfer of Office of President. Joe Bouton to Sam Stratton


XI.        Adjourn

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