1. LM 456 (experimental designation IH-171) is a broad based population originating from 2420 plants phenotypically selected from a disease-stem nematode nursery near Hollister, California. Parentage Traces to IH 101R (19), Trumpetor (172), Pike (42), WL 318 (79), WL 316 (131), AS 49R (168), LM 455 (65) and 10 PSRC experimental lines (1648). Selected plants were intercrossed in an open isolation near Hollister, California in 1985 and 1986 with Syn. 1 generation designated as breeder seed.

2. LM 456 is adapted to and intended for use in the western region of the United States where moderately dormant varieties are grown. It has been tested in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys