1. ABT 405 has 409 parent plants tracing to Allegro 81% and TMF Generation 19%. Both Allegro and TMF Generation were seeded into replicated grazing trials near Warrensburg, MO in March of 1991. Plots were grazed continuously for 70 days in 1991 and 155 days each in 1992 and 1993. In October of 1993 when stands had declined to about 10% plots were dug with the healthiest plants having large symmetrical crowns saved. Breeder seed (syn 1) was produced in the greenhouse on the original 409 plants and harvested in bulk in the spring of 1994. Additional breeder seed was produced in the field near Nampa, ID in 1994 from the original parent plants and approximately 15 cuttings of each clone transplanted at