RC9602 Red Clover

1. RC9602 is adapted to the north central and east central United States, and is intended for use in those areas. It has been tested in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

2. RC9602 is a diploid medium red clover. Its flower color is 7% red, 13% light pink, 50% medium pink, and 30% dark pink. Approximately 73% of the plants exhibit leaf marks, and 97% have hairs on the stems. RC9602 is highly resistant to southern anthracnose and powdery mildew. Approximately 76% of the plants flower in the seeding year. RC9602 reaches 50% bloom 5 days earlier than Arlington in the spring growth of the first year after seeding.

3. Seed increase of RC9602 is limited to one generation of breeder (syn-1), two generations of foundation (syn-2 or 3), and three generations of certified (syn-2, 3, or 4) classes. Breeder seed was produced in 1999 sufficient for the life of the variety and is maintained in cold storage by FFR Cooperative. Length of stand allowed is 2 years and 3 years each for the foundation and certified classes, respectively. Production of foundation seed is limited to the northwest United States.

4. Certified seed will first be offered for sale in 2006.

5. Application will not be made for Plant Variety Protection.

6. Information in this application may be forwarded to the PVP office.

7. Variety name: Date submitted: November 28, 2005

Experimental designation: RC9602

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