1. Seed Lot Data
Commercial Variety name:  Liberator
Experimental name(s) (optional):
Has this variety received NRB approval? 
2. Plant Characteristics Distributor/ Marketer (none if experimental) 
Fall Dormancy rating (1-11): 4 Company: NK Brand Seeds.
Winter Survival rating (1-6):  2 Contact Person: Joe Waldo
Grazing Tolerance    Address:  7500 Olson Memorial Hwy
(% of Alfagraze check): 
Multifoliolate Expression Index:    City:Golden Valley
Percent multifoliolate plants: 
3. Pest Resistance  Ratings State: MN
(S=susceptible, LR, MR, R, HR=highly resistant)
Anthracnose:  HR Zip/Postal code: 55427
Aphanomyces (Race 1):  HR Telephone: 763-593-7324
Aphanomyces (Race 2) :    Fax: 763-593-7203
Bacterial Wilt:  HR Email address:
Blackstem, spring:     
Fusarium Wilt:  HR Breeder/ Developer (optional)
Leaf spot, common:    Company: Forage Genetics Int.
Phytophthora Root Rot:  HR Contact Person:Mark McCaslin
Sclerotinia crown and stem rot:    Address:N 5292 S. Gills Coulee Rd.
Verticillium Wilt:  HR City: West Salem
Alfalfa stem Nematode:    State: WI
Root Knot Nematode, Northern:    Zip/Postal code:54669
Root Knot Nematode, Southern:    Telephone: 608-786-2121
Root Lesion Nematode:    Fax: 608-786-2193
Blue Alfalfa Aphid:    Email address:
Pea aphid   Comment:
Spotted Alfalfa Aphid:   
Potato Leafhopper:   
Person making entry:  
Name: Robert Clark  
Company: Forage Genetics Int.  
Address: 1897 195th St  
City: Boone  
State: IA  
Zip/Postal code: 50036