L 447HD

1. L 447HD is an 82 plant synthetic cultivar. The selection criteria used in the development of this cultivar were high forage yield, high forage quality, rapid re-growth after harvest, winter survival, and freedom from root and crown diseases.

2. L 447HD is adapted to the North Central and East Central regions of the United States. It will be used primarily for hay, haylage, and dehydration. It has been tested in Wisconsin. This variety is intended for use in the North Central and East Central regions of the U.S.

3. L 447HD is a moderately fall dormant cultivar with a fall dormancy similar to the FD 4 check. Flower color in the Syn 2 generation is approximately 98% purple and 2% variegated with traces of yellow, cream and white.

4. This variety is highly resistant to anthracnose (race 1), bacterial wilt, Fusarium wilt, Phytophthora root rot, and Aphanomyces root rot (race 1). It is resistant to Verticillium wilt. Resistance to pea aphid, spotted alfalfa aphid, blue alfalfa aphid, stem nematode, and root-knot nematode has not been determined.

5. Seed classes for L 447HD will be breeder (Syn 1), foundation (Syn 2), and certified (Syn 2 or Syn 3). Stand life will be limited to 1, 3, and 6 years on fields producing breeder, foundation, and certified seed classes, respectively. Breeder seed was produced near Nampa, ID in 2002. Legacy Seeds, Inc. will maintain sufficient seed stocks for the life of this variety.

6. Seed will be marketed in 2006.

7. Plant Variety Protection will not be applied for.

8. This information can be forwarded to the PVP office.

9. Variety Name: L 447HD Date submitted 16 November 2005

Experimental designations: LS 206

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