CW 9502

1. CW 9502 is an advanced generation synthetic variety of Ladino type white clover with 450 parent plants. Parent plants were selected for vegetative vigor following frequent cutting, flowering intensity, persistence, and freedom from leaf disease and virus in a population of approximately 4500 seedlings that were established as spaced plants on a 3-foot x 3-foot grid spacing in a selection nursery at Woodland, California. Parentage of CW 9502 traces to the following varieties: Osceola (20%), Regal (20%), SRVR (20%), CW 190 (20%), and miscellaneous Cal/West Seeds breeding populations (20%). Breeder seed (Syn.1) was produced under field isolation near Woodland, California in 1995; Seed was bulk harvested from all parent plants.

2. CW 9502 is adapted to the Moderately Winterhardy Intermountain area of the U.S., Japan, South Africa, and Argentina and is intended for use in the southeastern and central U.S., Europe, Japan, South Africa and Argentina. CW 9502 has been tested in California, Japan, South Africa, and Argentina. The intended use of CW 9502 is for hay, haylage, greenchop, or pasture, primarily in mixtures with forage grasses.

3. CW 9502 is later in maturity and has a higher frequency of plants without leaf markings compared to Regal.

4. Seed increase of CW 9502 is on a limited generation basis with one generation of breeder and two generations of the foundation and certified seed classes. Breeder (Syn.1), foundation (Syn.2 or Syn.3), and certified (Syn.3 or Syn.4) classes will be recognized. Production of Syn.3 foundation seed requires consent of the breeder. Breeder seed was produced under field isolation near Woodland, California in 1995. Sufficient foundation seed for the projected life of the variety will be maintained by Cal/West Seeds. Stands of foundation and certified seed fields are limited to 2 and 4 years, respectively.

5. Certified seed of CW 9502 will be available in 2003.

6. No decision has been made regarding Plant Variety Protection.

7. This information can be forwarded to the PVP office.

8. Variety Name: Date Submitted: November30, 2002

Experimental Designation: CW 9502

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