1. C133 is a 135-plant synthetic variety resulting from phenotypic recurrent selection for resistance to Phytophthora root rot and Aphanomyces root rot (Race 1). Parental germplasm traces to WL 324, Garst 636, Pioneer 532, and Royalty. Approximate germplasm source contributions are: M. falcata (17%); Ladak (18%); M. varia (31%); Turkistan(14%); and Flemish (20%).

2. C133 is adapted for use in the North Central and East Central regions of the U.S. C133 has been yield tested in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

3. Flower color of C133 at Syn 2 approximates 98% purple and 2% variegated with traces of cream and white. The fall dormancy of C133 is similar to Ver