2016 Joint Conference
NAAIC, Trifolium, & Grass Breeders
July 12-14, 2016 · Madison, Wisconsin

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Tuesday, July 12
  6:00   "Wisconsin Tailgate" Dinner & Poster Session - click to view posters and abstracts
Wednesday, July 13
Session I: Regional Presentations (Moderator: Deborah Samac)
  8:00   Welcome
Dean Kathryn VandenBosch, University of Wisconsin
  8:10   USDA-ARS Dairy Forage Research Center Update || Presentation
Mark Boggess, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center
  8:30   Forage Legumes in Wisconsin: Some History and Current Status || Presentation
Kenneth Albrecht, University of Wisconsin
  8:50   Use and Breeding of Forage Grasses in North Central USA || Presentation
Michael Casler, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center
  9:10   NAFA Update
Beth Nelson, National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance
  9:30   Alfalfa Seed & Alfalfa Forage Systems Research Program (AFRP) || Presentation
Jeffrey Steiner, National Institute of Food and Agriculture
  9:45   Break and Posters
Session II: Research Reports (Moderator: Deborah Samac)
  10:15   A Multi-omic Atlas of the Model Legume Medicago truncatula || Presentation
Jean-Michel Ane, University of Wisconsin
  10:35   Assessing the Impact of Changing Diets on the Gut Microbial Community of Developing Dairy Calves || Presentation
Garret Suen, University of Wisconsin
  10:55   Microbial Impacts on Manure Management Strategies
Rebecca Larson, University of Wisconsin
  11:15   AFRP Lightning Presentations (Moderator: Jeffrey Steiner)
           Forage Quality Improvement in Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa Monoculture and Alfalfa-Grass
      Binary Mixtures
|| Presentation
      Debbie Cherney, Cornell University
           Using a New In Vitro Method and Fiber Model (TTNDFD) to Improve Estimates of
      Digestibility of Alfalfa for Dairy Cattle
      David Combs, University of Wisconsin
           Re-Establishing IPM Recommendations for Aphids in Alfalfa Hay in the Low Desert || Presentation
      Ayman Mostafa, University of Arizona
           The Effect of Hay Rake Type on Ash Content of Alfalfa Hay || Presentation
      Abby Neu, University of Minnesota
           Yield Improvement and Fall Dormancy Characterization in Alfalfa
      Scott Newell, University of California
           Subsurface Drip Irrigation, Deficit Irrigation Strategies, and Improved Varieties to
      Improve Alfalfa Water Use Efficiency Under Drought Conditions
|| Presentation
      Daniel Putnam, University of California
           Root Traits to Enhance Nutrient and Water Use in Alfalfa || Presentation
      Deborah Samac, USDA-ARS
           Potato Leafhopper Threshold Revised for Alfalfa Host Resistance and
      Alfalfa Grass Mixtures
|| Presentation
      Mark Sulc, The Ohio State University
           Developing Molecular Markers for Enhancing Resistance to Drought and
      High Salinity in Alfalfa
|| Presentation
      Long-Xi Yu, USDA-ARS
  12:00   Awards Luncheon
Session III: Molecular Breeding and Genetics (Moderator: Raghuveer Sripathi)
  1:30   Predicted Efficiency of Indirect Selection to Increase Tall Fescue Forage Mass in a Grass-Alfalfa Mixture (Grass) || Presentation
Blair Waldron, USDA-ARS
  1:50   Heterotic Effects and Genetic Distance for the Prediction of Agronomic Performance in Crossing Divergent Alfalfa Populations (Alfalfa) || Presentation
Dragan Milic, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops
  2:10   Phenotypic Traits Expressed in White Clover Cold Tolerant Genotypes Selected from Populations Naturalized in the Patagonia Region of South America (Clover) || Presentation
Luis Inostroza, Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias
  2:30   Rate of Forage Yield Breeding Gains in a Red Clover Breeding Program (Clover) || Presentation
Heathcliffe Riday,U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center
  2:50   Evaluating the Theory of General Adaptation in Red Clover (Clover) || Summary
Yousef Papadopoulos, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  3:10   Genome-Wide Dynamic Spatial Gene Expression and Alternative Polyadenylation in Red Clover (Clover)
Randy Dinkins, USDA-ARS
  3:30   Genome Sequence of Medicago sativa: Cultivated Alfalfa at the Diploid Level (CADL) (Alfalfa)
Maria Monteros, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
  3:35   Poster Session
  4:35   Business Meeting
Thursday, July 14
Session IV: Management and Physiology (Moderator: William Osterholz)
  8:00   Integrated Remote Sensing Tools for Timely Predictions of Alfalfa Nutritive Value (Alfalfa) || Presentation
Reagan Noland, University of Minnesota
  8:20   Seeding Year Yield and Forage Nutritive Value of Reduced Lignin and Conventional Alfalfa Varieties (Alfalfa) || Presentation
Amanda Grev, University of Minnesota
  8:40   Alfalfa Varieties Differ Markedly in Seedling Survival When Interseeded into Corn and Treated with Prohexadione-Calcium (Alfalfa) || Presentation
John Grabber, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center
  9:00   Effect of Genotype-by-Environmant Interaction on Cool-Season Grass Water-Soluble Carbohydrate Concentrations (Grass) || Presentation
Joseph Robins, USDA-ARS
  9:20   Lightning Presentations
           Temperate Forage Legume Germplasm of the USDA National Plant Germplasm System || Presentation
      Brian Irish, USDA-ARS
           Bacterial and Fungal Microbiome Analysis of Alfalfa Rhizosphere Soils || Presentation
      Christian Klatt, USDA-ARS
           Resilience, Stability, and Productivity of Alfalfa Cultivars in Wisconsin || Presentation
      Valentin Picasso, University of Wisconsin
           Linking Pollinator Behavior to Selfing Rate for Three Distinct Pollinators of Alfalfa || Presentation
      Emmanuel Santa-Martinez, University of Wisconsin
  9:40   Break and Posters
Session V: Stress Tolerance and Pollinators (Moderator: Emmanuel Santa-Martinez)
  10:00  Contrasting the Foraging Behavior of Three Bee Species in Alfalfa to Predict Their Impact on Selfing Rate and Gene Flow Risk (Alfalfa) || Presentation
Johanne Brunet, USDA-ARS
  10:20  Alfalfa Research in Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (Alfalfa) || Presentation
Lev Nemchinov, USDA-ARS
  10:40  Adaptive Responses of Medicago truncatula and Medicago sativa to Low Phosphorus Availability (Alfalfa)
A. Brice Cazenave, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
  11:00  Breeding Resistance to New Races of Anthracnose (Alfalfa) || Presentation
Charles Rodgers, Forage Genetics International
  12:30   Box Lunch, Bus Tour & Picnic