2014 Joint Conference
NAAIC, Trifolium, & Grass Breeders
July 8-10, 2014 · Lethbridge, AB

Poster Session

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Poster Abstracts

P1. Identification of Aluminum Tolerance in the Model Legume Medicago truncatula Alarcon, Motes, Ueda, Parrott, Monteros

P2. Field Prediction of Alfalfa Fiber Constituents with PEAQ in Northern Europe and North American Deserts Albrecht, Andrzejewska,Contreras-Govea,Santillano-Cázares

P3. Comparative Study of Drought Response in Eleven Alfalfa Collections Anower, Boe, Auger, Mott, Peel, Xu, Kanchupati, Wu

P4. Improved Root Growth in Salt-Tolerant Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa L.) Selections Anower, Mott, Peel, Auger, Wu

P5. Alfalfa-grass Mixtures Performance for Forage/Biomass Production in North Dakota Aponte, Berti, Johnson, Deckard, Sedivec, Gesch, Undersander

P6. Molecular Identification of Polish Isolates of Sclerotinia trifoliorum and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in the Context of Kura Clover Damage Baturo-Ciesniewska, Andrzejewska, Smith, Groves, Albrecht

P7. Non Structural Carbohydrates and Some Attributes of Nutritive Value in Alfalfa as Influenced by Genetic Selection Claessens, Tremblay, Bertrand, Bélanger, Castonguay, Berthiaume, Michaud, Chouinard-Michaud, Allard

P8. Breeding for Resistance to Alfalfa Snout Beetle Crawford, Hansen, Shields, Testa, Viands

P9. Using Seed Technologies to Improve Establishment in Switchgrass Crawford, Hansen, Taylor, Bergstrom, Salon, Crawford, Viands

P10. Study of Fall Dormancy of Different Cultivars Alfalfa Fang, Sun, Wang

P11. Seasonal Occurrence of Lygus bugs (Hemiptera: Miridae) and their Parasitoids on Alfalfa Fields in Southern Alberta Fernández, Cárcamo, Herle, Laird

P12. Characteristics of Soil Weed Seed Bank in Alfalfa Fields Among Different Fore Crops Guo, J. Wang, Sun, Y. Wang

P13. The miR156 Gene Regulatory Network Controls Forage Yield and Other Traits in Alfalfa Hannoufa, Aung, Gruber, Amyot, Yu

P14. Development of Lc-BHLH and C1-MYB Double Gene Transformed Alfalfa: Effect of Double Gene Transformation on Ruminal Degradability of Protein and Carbohydrate and Methane Production Heendeniya, Gruber, Wang, Christensen, McKinnon, Coulman, Yu

P15. Marker-aided Breeding using QTL-linked SSRs for Stolon Traits in White Clover Jahufer, O'Connor, Anderson, Franzmayr, Barrett, Griffits

P16. Expression of Flowering Candidate Genes in Alfalfa Kanchupati, Auger, Boe,Yen, M. Anower, Wu

P17. Variation for Shoot Generated from Roots Among PIs of Medicago sativa subpp. falcata Xu, Kannenberg, Boe, Gates, Johnson

P18. Winter Injury and Survival of Intensively Managed Modern Alfalfa Varieties Lamb, Sheaffer, Berti

P19. Nutritive Value Evaluation of Medicago sativa and Eriochloa villosa Mixed Sward in Shenyang Liu, Z. Wang, Sun

P20. Mutualism and Competition Between Cultivars of Nitrogen-fixing Legumes Species(Trifolium pratense L., Medicago sativa L.) and grasses (Phleum pratense L., Lolium perenne L.) under Contrasting Nitrogen Fertilization Levels McElroy, Fillmore, Johnston, Papadopoulos

P21. Utilization of M. caerulea Gene Pool in Alfalfa Breeding for Acid Tolerance Milic, Taški-Ajdukovic, Nagl, Atlagic, Katic

P22. Identification of Whitefly Resistance Loci in Alfalfa using Genotype-by-Sequencing Monteros, Han, Acharya, Wei, Ueda, Teuber, Walling, Brummer

P23. Development of an Alfalfa Breeder Monteros, Zhao, Mukherjee, Krom, Brummer

P24. Discovery and Characterization of miRNAs in Medicago truncatula and Alfalfa Motes, Han, Fu, Monteros

P25. Forage Production of Five Cool Season Grasses in Binary Mixtures with Three Legumes at Three Planting Ratios Peel, Cox, Creech, Waldron

P26. AlfalfaTFDB: A Database of Computationally Predicted Alfalfa Transcription Factors Postnikova, Shao, Nemchinov

P27. Effectiveness of an Isolated Lactic Acid Bacteria Strain on Alfalfa Silage Qing, Zhu, Na

P28. Broadening the U.S. Alfalfa Germplasm Base Riday, Smith

P29. Five Cycles of Selection for 2,4-D Resistance in Red Clover Riday

P30. A Mineral Seed Treatment for Control of Seedling Diseases of Alfalfa Suitable for Organic Production Systems Samac, Scraber, Blosberg, Barclay

P31. Characterization of the Bacterial Stem Blight Pathogen of Alfalfa, Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae ALF3 Samac, Studholme, Ao

P32. Intercropping Corn and Forage Sorghum for Hay Production in North Dakota Samarappuli, Berti, Gesch

P33. Genetic Mapping of Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Drought Stressed Tetraploid Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Santantonio, Pierce, Ray

P34. Hay Stack Forage Quality Losses in Six Months Shewmaker

P35. Desertification Reasons, Endangering and Tendency in China's Land Shi, Tian, Lu, Song

P36. Ensuring Coexistence of GE and Non-GE Alfalfa: Status of Current Research Efforts Greene, Kesoju, Martin, Boydston, Walsh

P37. Effect of Lactobacillus plantarum from Different Areas on Fermentation Quality of Mixture Silages of Alfalfa, Wheat Bran and Corn Husk Tian, Yu, Na

P38. Evaluation of an Orchardgrass Collection from Greece Trammell, Word, Hopkins, Young, Trammell, Walker

P39. Stand Dynamics of Grass and Alfalfa Mixtures During Seeding Year Undersander, Verbeten

P40. Overexpression of Salt and Drought Tolerance Gene ZxVP1 from Succulent Xerophytes on Downy Mildew Resistance Alfalfa C. Wang, Shi, Zhang, Zhu, Z. Wang

P41. The Effect of Native Lactic Acid Bacteria on Fermentation of Alfalfa Silage at Different Temperature Li, Yu, Tian, Qing, Y. Wang

P42. Identification of Gene Resources of Drought Resistance and Enhanced Water Use Efficiency in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Yu, Zhang, Rivera

P43. Effects of Cellulase and Lactic Acid Bacteria Inoculants on In Vitro Digestibility of Alfalfa Silage Zhou, Yu, Yang