Poster Session: Tuesday July 27, 2010 6:00 PM Aspen/Cedar Rooms - Second floor



1.         Rhizobial species selection: prime factor in forage legume establishment and production in pasture

R. Singh, S. Interrante, J. Meoni, T.J. Butler, and C.A. Young

2.         Identification of Aluminum Tolerance QTL in Tetraploid Alfalfa

Dong-Man Khu, Rafael Reyno, E. Charles Brummer, Joseph H. Bouton, and Maria J. Monteros


3.         Framework Genetic Linkage Map for Alfalfa

Xuehui Li, Xiaojuan Wang, Yanling Wei, and E. Charles Brummer


4.         Assessment of Chemical Composition from Progenies of Alfalfa

Down-Regulated in Lignin Biosynthesis

Shanmugam Rajasekar, Richard A. Dixon, and Maria J. Monteros


5.         High Resolution Melting Analysis for SNP Genotyping in Diploid and Tetraploid Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Yuanhong Han, Dong-Man Khu, and Maria J. Monteros


6.         Genome-wide SNP Discovery in Tetraploid Alfalfa

Yuanhong Han, Yun Kang, Ivone Torres-Jerez, Foo Cheung, Christopher D. Town, Patrick X. Zhao, Michael K. Udvardi, and Maria J. Monteros


7.         Detection of putative QTLs for general appearance, lodging resistance and spring vigor traits in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Saha, G. , J. Hellinga, G.Vandemark, R. Larsen, M. Smith, and D. Miller.


8.         CPSSF30 in Medcago

Bobby Gaffney, Randy D. Dinkins, and Arthur G. Hunt


9.         Comparative Mapping to Identify QTL for Medicago Shoot Biomass Production

Ian Ray, Maria Monteros, E. Charles Brummer, Joe Bouton,

and Mary Sledge


10.       Alfalfa Seed Industry Innovations Enabling Coexistence

S. Fitzpatrick and G. Lowry


11.       Demonstration of Cost Effective Marker Assisted Selection for Biomass Yield in Red Clover (Trifolium pratense L.) – Part 1: Paternity Testing.

Heathcliffe Riday


12.       Demonstration of Cost Effective Marker Assisted Selection for Biomass Yield in Red Clover (Trifolium pratense L.) – Part 2: Nested Within-Family Linkage Based Selection

Heathcliffe Riday



13.       HCT2, a Novel Hydroxycinnamoyl:Malate Transferase, is Responsible for

Phaselic Acid (2-O-Caffeoyl-L-Malate) Biosynthesis in Red Clover

Michael L. Sullivan


14.       Barduro: A Mid-dormant Red Clover with Root-knot Nematode Resistance

Kenneth H. Quesenberry and Ann R. Blount


15.       The characterization of nitrogen transfer to companion grasses among diverse red clover populations under field conditions

R.M.M.S. Thilakarathna, Y.A. Papadopoulos, A. V. Rodd, S.A.E. Filmore,

M. Crouse, and B. Prithiviraj.


16.       Identifcation of QTLs for Agronomic Traits in White Clover (Trifolium repens L.)

Christy M. Motes, Dong-Man Khu, Yan Zhang, Mary K. Sledge,

Joe H. Bouton, and Maria J. Monteros


17.       Frost seeding alfalfa and red clover: seeding date and small grain effects

Craig C. Sheaffer and E.G. Wieland


18.       A Rapid Method for Identification of Aphanomyces euteiches Race 2 Using DNA Markers

Erin Felicetti and Richard Larsen


19.       Mycoleptodiscus Crown and Root Rot on Alfalfa in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Deborah A. Samac, JoAnn F.S. Lamb, and Craig Sheaffer


20.       Genetic Diversity of Phoma sclerotioides Isolates from Minnesota

Claudia V. Castell-Miller, Melinda R. Dornbusch and Deborah A. Samac


21.       Differential gene expression in salt-tolerant alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Ivan W. Mott and Michael D. Peel


22.       Screening for salinity tolerance among Falcata alfalfa PI’s

Michael D. Peel and Ivan W. Mott


23.       Genetic structure and agronomic value of Italian alfalfa landraces: a synopsis

Paolo Annicchiarico


24.       Testing and understanding the adaptation patterns of alfalfa landraces and varieties across the Western Mediterranean basin

Paolo Annicchiarico and Luciano Pecetti


25.       Rate of Yield Increase and Quality Decline of Alfalfa in Eastern Idaho

Glenn Shewmaker and Greg Blaser


26.       Quanatative Genetic Components of Alfalfa Populations in the Mezquital Valley. I Agronomic and Morphological Traits

B. Alarcón-Zúñiga, M. Galicia-Juárez, A. Saragos-Pérez, A. Vázquez-Pablo, M.R. Venegas-Ordoñez, and T. Cervantes-Martínez


27.       Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures for the Midwest 
Dan Undersander and Bill Verbeten


28.       Challenges for Rainfed Alfalfa Production in the Loess Plateau Area in the Southern Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China (PRC)

Dennis Cash, Hu Yuegao, Wu Suqin, Li Kechang, Guo Rong,

Wang Ninglan and Zhao Ping


29.       Alfalfa varieties for the irrigated areas of the Ebro Valley (Spain)

J. Lloveras, R.Fanlo, A. Ballesta,  and C.Chocarro


30.       Past, Present, and Future Genetic Gain of Forage Yield in Alfalfa

Steve Wagner, Dan Gardner, Mike Velde, and Paul Sun


31.       Comparision of Breeding Methods for Improved Alfalfa Yield

J. Hansen, S. Acharya, B. Coulman, C. Brummer, J. Lamb, J. Crawford, and D. Viands


32.       Forage Yield Potential among the Alfalfa Core Collection and Combining Abilities of 18 High Performing Accessions

C.A. Pierce, H.S. Bhandari, A.H. Al Lawati, and I.M. Ray


33.       Plant Density and Maturity stage impacts on stem cell wall composition in High Quality and Non-lodging Alfalfa

                        JoAnn Lamb, Heathcliffe Riday and Hans Jung


34.       Photosynctheic Characteristics, Correlation of Water Use and Yield of Alfalfa in Beijing

Lin Meng, Pei-chun Mao


35.       Effects of Different Additives on Silage Fermentation Quality of Forage sorghum

Guo Yanping ,Yu Zhu ,Gu Xueying and Chao Ketu


36.       The Yield Stability of Hybrids Between Melissutus ruthenicus C.W.Chang and Medicago sativa

Luo xinyi   Li hong


37.       Study on the Change Trends of Water Soluble Carbohydrates of Alfalfa during Ensiling

BAI Chun-sheng, XUE Yan-lin, YU Zhu


38.       Study on the Fermentation Quality of Mixture Silage between Zhongbei 410 and Moshi beans

Gu Xueying, Yu Zhu, Guo Yanping and Chao Ketu


39.       Effects of Different Additives for the Fermentation Quality of Ensiled Alfalfa

Wang YingYU Zhu