Joint Meeting
40th North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference

19th Trifolium Conference

July 16-19, 2006
Bloomington, MN


Abstracts of Presentations

July 16 Innovative Forage Producers Tour
July 17
8 am to Noon
Symposium: Potential for Marker Assisted Selection in Forage Legumes
July 17
1:30-3 pm
Alfalfa Breeding and Agronomy
July 17
3 -6 pm
July 18
8 an - noon
Symposium: Impact of Forage Quality on Alfalfa Utilization
July 18
1:30 - 5 pm
Symposium: Clovers and Medicago spp.
July 19
8-10:45 am
Plant Diseases, Insects, and Other Stresses

Minutes of Meetings

  NAAIC Executive Committee
  Regional Business Meetings
  NAAIC and Trifolium Conference Business Meetings
  Awards Luncheon

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