2006 Award Winners


The NAAIC presented awards to three outstanding members: Bill Knipe, Forage Genetics International and Real Michaud, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada were awarded Honorary Memberships for their outstanding career contributions to alfalfa improvement.


Steve Temple received the R.R. Hill, Jr. Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to alfalfa research. 


The conference also awarded graduate student travel grants to four students (Michael Wunsch, Cornell University; Julia Olmstead, Iowa State University; Muhammet Sakiroglu, Iowa State University; and Xuehui Li, Iowa State University) who presented papers at the conference through the generosity of nine sustaining member companies. 


North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference 2006 Awardees: (left to right) Bill Knipe, Real Michaud and Steve Temple.  Bill Knipe and Real Michaud received the NAAIC Honorary Membership Award and Steve Temple received the Richard R. Hill, Jr. Achievement Award


North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference 2006 Graduate Student Travel Grant Awardees: (From left to right) Craig Sheaffer (President of the NAAIC), Michael Wunsch (Cornell University), Julia Olmstead (Iowa State Univ.),  Muhammet Sakiroglu (Iowa State Univ.) , and Xuehui Li (Iowa State Univ.)

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