Award Winners at the 36th NAAIC, 1998
The "Honorary Membership Award" is awarded to one recipient at each biennial meeting for "outstanding contributions to alfalfa improvement and/or utilization. This award recognizes alfalfa specialists, active or retired, who have made major contributions during their careers to the improvement and use of alfalfa". At the 36th NAAIC, the Honorary Membership Award was given to Dr. Edwin T. Bingham from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Ted Bingham & Real Michaud
E. T. Bingham and R. Michaud
The "R. R. Hill Memorial Award" is given to one recipient at each biennial meeting to "recognize a worthy contributor for some recent, specific, and outstanding achievement in any area of alfalfa science or production". At the 36th NAAIC, the R. R. Hill Memorial Award was given to Dr. Mark McCaslin of Forage Genetics, Inc., West Salem , Wisconsin.

Mark McCaslin & Real
M. McCaslin and R. Michaud
The NAAIC has established a travel grant award program for graduate students who will be making oral or poster presentations at the biennial NAAIC meeting. At the 36th NAAIC, eight students were presented with travel stipends.

Students & Real Michaud
R. Michaud, Annie Claessens, Charla Hollingsworth, Floyd W. Shockley, Kathy L.E. Klos,
Avinash Singh, Mary K. Sledge, Zhiwen Lan, and Michael Walsh